Friday, November 22, 2013

Last night Serapian officially opened in Hong Kong

The Melinè bag

a moon grey Melinè bag

I missed the opening party last night of my dear friend Arda's new store. I had been so excited but an egg salad sandwich with some very dubious watercress came between me and the best fashion party of the year. I spent time working with Arda over the years as a young handbag designer. His company made the finest quality bags money could buy for all the great fashion houses in Italy, and I had the pleasure of working with him at his Milan headquarters while I was at Burberry. Since then I had kids and moved to Hong Kong, while Arda set out to conquer the world with a beautiful collection of bags under his own name. And now he has a store in Hong Kong!!! The store is on On Lan Street, the street where you find Christian Louboutin on the corner just behind Queens Road Central.

I learned so much from Arda. I would submit drawings and his first sample would always be ten times better than my drawing - because my experience was just from school, while his experience came from years of work with craftsmen on the factory floor. If you have a minute, you simply must go and see his shop and my favorite Melinè bag. Yes I am entirely biased because I love Arda, but trust me, you will be impressed. Just don't eat any watercress before you go.