Sunday, November 17, 2013

Brown revisited

When I lived in New York, I sometimes despaired at the enormous amount of brown everywhere. People in the US absolutely love their classics, and while classics often undergo subtle changes, in the US not as much as elsewhere. Now that I have been away for a while, I kind of miss that consistency, the reappearance of barn jackets everywhere in Fall, the Bass loafers, the baseball caps, the chinos. Well, just in time, JCrew comes to the rescue, and their catalogs have been full of brown this season, with my all-time favorite, their shoot at Amanda Brooks' English farm. Find Amanda's blog about fashion and country life HERE. All photos from JCrew's Facebook page. PS. have you all read the news in the South China Morning Post this morning about JCrew coming to Hong Kong in spring???

The Parker ankle boot

a Schoolboy Blazer in the English country side

Toggles... I might not go that far but love Amanda Brooks' house in the background

the chocolate brown Parker boot

did brown boots ever look better??? I wonder how many of the shirt, pants and boots were sold after this picture came out. I know I bought the shirt and boots, and would have gotten the pants but they were sold out.

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