Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Carine Roitfeld was the editor-in-chief of French Vogue for 10 years. Then she was suddenly replaced - the magazine went on under the leadership of Emmanuelle Alt and has reinvented their website, which is one of my fave fashion sites (www.vogue.fr).

Carine is busy working on a new mag, which has her name. It will be the CR Fashion Book. It's supposed to come out next month so Carine is doing the interview circuit, and I have just read this one in US Harper's Bazaar.

And I quote (in a verry evvy French accent):

"I'm using new people, so I'm going to fight to make them stars. It's very risky. I like to take risks. It's very exciting in a way. It's a bit Steve Jobs, no? Each day is a new challenge to find the model, the photographer, the money, the location, you know?"

Seriously, that 's why I hate fashion. Recession is hard. Fighting cancer is hard. Landing on the moon is hard. It is NOT hard to find models or photographers or locations. It's not hard like, say, developing the ipad? Aya! She is obviously a very successful editor and it's very likely that I am suffering from a hazardous case of PMS, and who knows, maybe she winked when she said it - but I would still like it very much if that woman would just stop talking.

This on the other hand is what I love about fashion. People who make beautiful things without a big old fuss about how hard it all is.

ring by Brooke Gregson on www.net-a-porter.com

Raf Simons' couture collection for Christian Dior at www.vogue.com

Anndra Neen bracelet at www.kirnazabete.com

dress by Dries van Noten at www.brownsfashion.com


  1. I can't even tell you how much I agree with you. I take fashion seriously- but in the sense that I take art seriously. In a world of turmoil, art is one thing that allows us to express ourselves, to be free, it has very little purpose other than to make us think creatively and make the world a little more beautiful. That is what fashion is. It isn't making the world a better place, just makes it more bearable. It is quotes from people like Carine that make 'the fashion pack' seem unintelligent and unempathetic.

    1. thanks for your comment. very well said. great blog you have!