Saturday, August 18, 2012

Tom Ford lips and some 1983 nostalgia

Tom Ford's lipstick is fabulous. I got one as a gift a while ago (thanks J), and it's the best lipstick I have ever worn. It's on the top of my shopping list for an upcoming trip to Los Angeles, since it's not available in Hong Kong. I suppose I could order it online (see for info) and then have it shipped through a US based forwarder (check out for such a service) but I'd much prefer to sample some at the Neiman Marcus counter on Wilshire Boulevard. If you think full cover highly pigmented lipstick is a bit old fashioned, you'll be surprised to see how velvety and creamy it is at the same time. This is not the stark matte red French look. It's effect is more like in the pics below. Really soft and touchable. After 10 years of sparkly transparent gloss, I am loving the feel of this product. But if you can't do without the gloss, Tom Ford has of course made that too.

lipstick in Paris Vogue 1983

lipstick in Paris Vogue 1983

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