Saturday, August 25, 2012

Prince Harry's Privates

I suspect Prince Harry's privates are glorious. But that's not what I want to write about, that was just a cheap trick to get you to read this post. Can you say what was the best meal you ever had up until now? I have been reading Heat by Bill Buford, a journalist who goes to work for Mario Batali (in his restaurant Babbo) to do a story, and then enjoys it so much that he stays on and ends up as a butcher's apprentice in Italy. The endless descriptions of glorious Italian food have made me remember an Italian meal I once had on a fast train from Florence to Milan. I was working for Burberry and took the 3 hour trip with our glamorous consultant designer Giovanni, and with Valerie, the Product Development Manager. We had a very simply meal of pork sliced from a roulade, boiled potatoes, roasted fennel and gravy. I suppose I was tired and ravenous, so that may have added to the enjoyment, but that simple meal in the surprisingly nicely lit restaurant car is one of the standout meals of my life.

Tonight will be high on the list for best drinks ever - that's because we stopped off at Otto e Mezzo for cocktails before the Beach Boys show at the Convention Center. Witness their marvelous negroni above.

This all has very little to do with fashion so I will add a gratuitous picture of me in my current favorite chambray shirt. There are very few items of clothing more useful than a good chambray shirt.

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