Sunday, August 26, 2012

apple & pie children's shoe store

Lavender sneakers from Bisgaard

There is a new kids' shoe store in town. It is divine. Sizes go up to 39 and even bigger for school shoes. The colors are gorgeous not garish. The quality and comfort of all their brands far surpasses anything I have seen in Hong Kong. Started by two expat moms, this is a store that you will gladly visit Aberdeen for. The shop in the One Island South building is so beautifully designed and decorated, it's a pleasure spending time in there. The parking spots are huge and the parking area is spotless. Drive straight up to level 2 to park and you will easily find apple & pie in unit 206. I know where I will be going from now on. See for more information.

Seating in the shape of apples - kids' play area in the back

my daughter's choice

a bright red anglepoise lamp watches over the wellies

something for the boys...

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