Thursday, August 9, 2012

Inspired by W Magazine

This girl has such a pretty dreamy and bohemian face - what surprised me about this picture is the big white round earring, which is like something Joan Rivers would wear. But somehow it's perfect on this girl.

Charlize looks amazing in this heavy metallic eye make-up. And that lip color..... 

Styled by Giovanna Battaglia, I love how the necklace in the middle frames the neckline of her leather top. And the arm of the girl on the left, well, that's just the nicest arm I have ever seen. All pictures taken from W Magazine.

Reading W always reminds me of the early days in New York just after graduation from Drew. Visiting young Kimberly in the Fairchild offices admiring her DNR cover with socks on the billiards table. Then FIT and working with the most amazing Swiss girl ever (yes you, Muriel) at Kate Spade. Discovering the butt enhancing properties of Joseph pants. If you wonder where the nostalgia is coming from I have just realized my 20-year reunion is coming up - and I mean university, not high school.

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