Monday, March 16, 2015

Four of my favorite Fall fashion shows - watch them on youtube

reposting a fave lunch outfit - JCrew cashmere jumper and necklace, Valentino shoes, Zara skirt and Serapian Milano bag.

The four Fall fashion weeks are behind us, and now we can decide what to buy for Spring by disregarding the Spring shows altogether and by looking at the Fall shows instead. Before you throw money away on a one-hit Spring wonder (suede tassel vest, anyone?), you can easily check whether Fall has already dismissed such items as passé for the winter months. Or you can disregard trends entirely and buy what you like and what suits you. That's what I am doing, and the lovely thing about fashion in 2015 is that pretty much anything you may wish to buy is available somewhere in some store.

I do love watching the shows, though, and these four were my favorites of the season: DsquaredChanelPrada, and last but certainly not least the absolutely wonderful Michael Kors.

These four shows had so much personality - The Caten brothers' runway was over-the-top fabulous full of old-fashionedly beautiful girls with long luxurious locks, bronzed cheeks and sparkly jewels, bad-ass 1990s attitudes and the best jodhpurs I have ever seen. Their girl looks like a fashion-loving daughter of a newly rich mining tycoon in Ulaanbaatar, wearing a perfectly exotic mix of traditional fur coats, Army Navy consignments clothes, and the sparkliest rhinestone junk jewelry she can find. And Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel, well he is still simply the most prolific designer in the world, fashion would be boring and unbalanced without his vision. Miuccia Prada is in great form this season - I love it when she does Milanese dysfunctional bourgeois girls, and the color mixes in this show are breathtakingly beautiful. Finally, Michael Kors' clothes are the ultimate New York cool girl clothes, and his shows make me want to be his girl - they make me want to run to his store and buy his clothes. And that is of course why Michael is a well deserved billionaire.

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