Monday, March 2, 2015

Saint Laurent metallic pink vans

Throwing caution to the wind with Saint Laurent metallic pink slip-ons

Sometimes I walk around town in nice clothes with sneakers, every step of the uneven pavement cushioned by an inch of bouncy rubber, and I think to myself I bloody love this sneaker trend. The thing is, you can't just throw on any old sweaty runners and be done with it. Well, actually, you can do whatever you want of course, but then there is a risk you may be mistaken for a tourist from Florida. You definitely don't need Saint Laurent (although I am still trying to find an air tight argument for why I need Chanel sneakers) - picking a proper sports shoe is much more cost effective and just as fun. I do think though when you buy a real sports trainer to wear with normal clothes you are better off sticking to these rules:

1) make sure the soles are roughly the same thickness from front to back (thinner is better - no Nike Air bubble windows)
2) avoid shoes with a thick bulging tongue - keep it sleek
3) stay with neutral colors - black Nike with white swoosh always looks good (like these ones HERE)
4) buy some Adidas Stan Smith (HERE) - Isabel Marant has ripped them off entirely this season.
5) once you pick a pair, keep them very clean, especially if they have white soles.

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