Thursday, March 26, 2015

J.Crew Elsie pump

Apparently J.Crew has not had a great year. I can assure you I did my best all year to keep the profits up, so I was surprised to read about J.Crew's lackluster results HERE. In a show of support for what has to be my favorite brand ever I'd like to sing the praises of the J.Crew Elsie pump here.

For months I have been thinking I should buy some plain black pumps in leather or suede with an 8 cm heel rather than the 10 cm of my go-to Jimmy Choo pumps - easier to walk on and not quite as unflattering on the tortured toes. But the fact is, once you have very comfortable plain black shoes, those will be the ones you always grab first... I was worried buying them would stop me wearing my many other more challenging shoes (which would be bad as I have done extensive price-per-wear calculations on those to convince my husband they would be very smart purchases).

I doubted for months about these Gianvito Rossi shoes in my basket, because spending HKD 4,800 is hard for a plain black shoe. And then yesterday I went to J.Crew to buy a birthday present and I saw these Elsie pumps. It took me only a second to decide I was going to buy them. They are very low in the front so there is no gap between the toes and the shoes, the heel is super comfortable and the suede is intensely black and very smooth. And they are half the price of the Gianvito Rossi version. I am so pleased with these. Very very highly recommended. And if you don't want boring black, they also come in lots of colorful options (HERE).

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