Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Jackie holiday style

I rushed that last post. I was waiting for the new washing machine to arrive. My first few days without a helper have not been as romantic as I expected. I have yet to cook my husband dinner because I have been washing socks and underpants by hand after the machine broke on Thursday. On the bright side my forearms are showing fresh muscle definition after hours of wringing out soaking wet towels.

What I was trying to say is that I don't like wearing a costume on holiday. But these famous pictures of Jackie Kennedy on holiday in Capri explain that far more eloquently than I did.

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Even when she went a little bit more adventurous with a printed gypsy skirt, she pared it down with a simple black top which makes the outfit just as suitable for a stroll in Manhattan.

I don't know where she is in this picture, and this dress is probably too formal for a lot of beach holidays. But if you go to Italy you can take a dress like this anywhere.


This picture is interesting. Jackie is in her every day sporty cool style but her friend (can't tell if that's her sister) has donned a special vacation garment, some sort of (probably very expensive) kaftan. But to me she looks like she is wearing a costume, and that's not how I want to look on my holiday.

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