Monday, February 24, 2014

The March magazines are here

And as usual W Magazine blows everyone else out of the water. Although the magazine has changed a lot since the days of John Fairchild, its essence always was, and still is about cockiness - in the beginning from the über rich showing us how the good life was meant to be lived, and today from the über stylish showing us the only way to dress, to live in style. Below are two favorite images.

Not your average white top, dark bottom - the Véronique Branquino blouse is a nod to the New Romantics style of the late seventies and eighties. And I also love the funny bat belt - it is referred to as the stylist's own, which is what most other magazines would consider a lost opportunity to sell advertising to belt designers. But I love everything about it.

Another white top and dark bottom - this time with a graphic modern feel. The Hermès belt and Proenza Schouler clutch are stunning. The trousers are navy and the accessories black and white - chicest color mix ever. Now I feel properly excited about spring.

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