Friday, February 7, 2014

I love Marc Jacobs

Did I ever tell you I love Marc Jacobs? Well, I love him more than any other designer. I love his clothes and I love him as a person. I loved him as a shy geek, and I still love him as a muscly tough guy. Many years ago (early nineties) I ran into him on a totally empty platform of the Prince's Street N and R subway station. I had read in WWD that his first collection under his own name had been a smashing critical success. Here's probably where I should divulge I have a ridiculously embarrassing history with celebs - I wanted to tell Uma Thurman in the lift to her gynecologist's office that I loved her in Pulp Fiction, but when the words came out I couldn't remember the movie's name, so I said "I loved you in... that movie". On another occasion I got invited backstage by the band and rather than being grateful I told the lead singer of Tears for Fears "isn't your name Roland Emmerich?" (somehow I added the name of a random German colleague of my husband's to the poor guy's first name). He was not happy and vowed "never to do this again" - I still wonder whether he meant invite women backstage or perform again, but I digress.

Marc and I were the only people on the platform and when our eyes met and I told him "I heard your collection was amazing, congratulations". He seemed surprised someone recognized him and thanked me and asked for my name. But I couldn't even get my name out and uttered "oh I am nobody, I mean I don't work in fashion" and the train came, I said goodbye and got on.  I AM NOBODY! - for f's sake, why did I say that? I quit my job soon after to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology, and I vowed when I met Marc next, I would not be such a bloody loser.

Of course I have never met Marc again. A few years ago I heard an ex-colleague from Burberry, a very handsome Italian designer, had started working for Marc. I desperately wanted to be a groupie geek and tell him how much I loved his new boss, but thankfully I controlled myself.

And you know of course that my other fashion crush Sofia Coppola and Marc are BFFs... And that Sofia wears all his clothes constantly. And if you ever looked at Louis Vuitton clothes in the store, you know what I mean when I say I have never seen finer clothes anywhere - the materials, the color combinations and the construction are what I would imagine haute couture clothes are like, although I have never seen any of those up close. His work for LV was fashion utopia to me. And now Marc Jacobs is said to have left LV to prepare for an IPO of the Marc Jacobs brand.

To support his IPO preparations, I figured I should buy one of his new bags. I am so selfless, aren't I? His most loyal geek follower. The bag is so super lovely, light as air, with the most gorgeous hardware. But now I am beyond broke, and have reached my budget for the whole season... No purchases till the end of May - stay tuned for how that works...

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