Thursday, February 27, 2014

27 February 2014

The day started off with such a high this morning when I met up with my friend from, who brought her tiny baby girl. There is just nothing like cuddling a baby - those squirmy little arms and legs, and she smelled so sweet as well. I was really productive for the rest of the morning and then decided to pop in at Isabel Marant to check the prices of some things I had seen on Surprise surprise, most things were priced the same, but some were actually cheaper in the shop on Ice House Street (Hong Kong is usually crazy expensive compared to other cities).

I tried on an Isabel Marant √Čtoile red checked tweed jacket, but it look so horrible on me. It looked a bit like I had picked up the worst career suit from a sale rack at Talbots.

And then literally 10 minutes later I walked through the Princes Building and these super cute Chinese girls were in front of me, with the girl on the right wearing the red tweed jacket. With her cute shorts and boots and squishy Chanel tote she looked nothing like Talbots. So very very cute.

I popped in for a look see at Chloe where I ran into a friend who was trying on these sunglasses. The scalloped edge mimics the edge of their super soft ballet flats... It made me daydream about being a millionaire! But no such luck... Now I am back home but still with a smile on my face from seeing that little baby girl. I hope you all had a lovely day as well.

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