Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Beautiful Seventies

I should go to the movies more often. I watch plenty of them on itunes, but there is such a difference watching them on a very big screen. Last night my friend and I could only get second row tickets, but being that close to the characters of American Hustle was nothing short of intoxicating.

Movie screen beauty is very different from magazine endorsed beauty. I don't know if this was a deliberate decision, but Amy Adams' character doesn't have much make-up other than on her eyes and lips, and you can really see her skin. She has absolutely beautiful skin of course, but it is human. There are laugh lines and there are pores and she looks very real compared to beautiful women in magazines, who have been photoshopped into lifeless perfection. Seeing people on huge screens makes you feel so much better about your own skin. It is truly an outrage that the Anna Wintours of this world have gone so far in changing what human (flawed) beauty looks like. I have made a mental note to take my young daughter to see movies on the big screen all the time.

Only a few days ago I read a review of American Hustle which described it as overrated and as the kind of film we have been duped into loving by culture tastemakers (read it HERE). But Kevin Fallon is horribly wrong. It is not overrated. It is every bit as good as you have read. There is no confusion at any time about who is conning who. The brilliant characters in this film are somehow as confident as they are insecure, and it is one of those movies that motivates and inspires you - to read more books, to visit New York, to try a new hairstyle, to kiss your husband, to listen to Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, to think about religion, to wear your old DVF wrap dress, or to dance around your living room singing into a fake microphone.

But it must be seen on the big screen.

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