Friday, October 26, 2012

Ode to Bergdorf

Christmas has come to the 7th floor

does your daughter need an Oscar de la Renta cardigan?

I have always wanted a needlepoint reindeer

The people at Bergdorf Goodman know how to awe their customers. I walked through the shop today helplessly looking for Tom Ford lipstick (cosmetics now has its own basement!!!!!!! A salesgirl down there marveled at my recollection of the beauty department being on the ground floor on the 57th street side - OMGawd I heard it used to be there a long time ago!) Anyway, I digress. But during my search I managed to be seduced by everything on the floor, even though most of it I consider Upper East Side older lady stuff. Ha! Guess what that makes me. Anyway, I digress again. This shop made me long for proper shopping, the impulse kind (as opposed to the boring clinical online shop), I mean the kind that makes you feel butterflies at first, and mortification right after when you realize you spent way more than you can afford.  If I LOVE FASHION were to do a typecast bucket list, a long leisurely stroll through Bergdorf would be very, very high up on the must do's.

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