Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dafen Art Village

Dafen art village

Dafen art village

one man's trash, another girl's treasure

One day I am going to have a beautiful walk-in closet. It's going to be enormously girly and I will put all the flower pictures I have been collecting from the Dafen art village in that little room. If you have not gone to Dafen, you must try it. There are thousands of stalls, some with really good paintings and many with really bad ones. Ever so often you find a treasure for your little future walk-in closet.

 Kate and Andy Spade's house - photo by

I would love for the room to be a rounded shape, like this entrance of Kate and Andy Spade's house photographed by How gorgeous is that mix of paintings, pencil drawings and photographs. I will have to forgo buying only flower pictures if I want to achieve a similar effect... One thing that always strikes me in China is that they use cool colors rather than warm ones. Everything is often quite colorful, but it rarely ever feels warm, like the colors of the Mediterranean are warm.

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