Sunday, October 21, 2012

About Natalie Massenet and cargo pants

Uncle B displays a real talent for carving pumpkins

Indian corn at the local market

No fashion at all to report on from New Paltz. In fact I am constantly in yesterday's comfy sweater. Am currently sitting in front of the Jets and Patriots game - no fashion required there. Last proper fashion experience I had was waiting at the baggage carousel at JFK after the 15 and a half hour flight from Hong Kong. My husband had asked me whether I minded him wearing his Swiss mountain pants on the flight - imagine light weight greyish monstrosities with endless cargo pockets and horizontal zippers above the knees should the sudden need strike to turn the pants into shorts. In reply I had told him do whatever you have to

At said Carousel I immediately spotted a tremendously chic Natalie Massenet, founder of - perfect ponytail, black skinnies and low heeled YSL slingbacks with gold cap toes and a tiny black wool baseball jacket with leather sleeves. At the same moment my cargo pant wearing husband starts furiously waving to me asking me to identify my bag. Needless to say I pretended I didn't know the mountain man at the carousel. I instructed my son to whisper these words in his ear: "as long as the founder of net-a-porter is between me and you I cannot help you at all". He took it rather well, but to husbands everywhere: wear those pants at your own risk.

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