Monday, October 29, 2012

Blog = therapy

I spend a fairly ridiculous amount of time taking pictures of my outfits or shoes thinking I may put them on the blog. They almost always end up on the cutting room floor because they are so bad, but the process inevitably has me in stitches. My kids will be in stitches too and we all forget about any moodyness or stresses for a little while when mummy does the blog.

the print of my new JDCamicetta top accidentally reflected in the magnifying mirror

Mummy you look like you are having a baby. Are you???

back side towards mirror, then bend over and take the picture between the thighs

...and there is that backside again. Couldn't quite manage to lose it for the pic (and I have a personal rule that I do not crop pictures after the fact - I am trying to be disciplined and take the picture properly in the first place)

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