Sunday, February 12, 2012


I just looked up whether whoreallycaresdotcom exists. It does. GoDaddy has parked it for someone who is getting their act together thinking what to do with this cleverly named dotcom. I have trouble doing this blog thing without wondering what is it good for or who really cares. I always had the same thing while working as a designer. I'd come up with yet another 700 dollar handbag wondering if I was ever going to contribute something worthwhile to society.

But at the same time, I loooove everything to do with textiles, style, symmetry, proportion, color, beauty. Seeing something beautiful makes me happy. So that's what I am counting on with this blog. That something beautiful will make someone happy. Small tiny itsy bitsy miniscule contribution to society?

I have felt a nagging need for the last year and a half to define a purpose for this stuff. Thanks lovely Denise, who just last week told me she loves getting posts in her inbox.

Below a drawing from 1997 which was sitting around gathering dust until I just framed it. Reminds me of kate spade days, so exciting fresh out of F.I.T. to be part of that little company. Even though my daily duties were more about Starbucks runs and running after sweet little Henry than about drawing or design.


  1. gorgeous illustration i absolutely love it, so yes it has made me very happy to receive it! x

  2. Dianne, did you go to FIT in 1997? Radka