Saturday, February 18, 2012

Orangey red

The bit at IFC Lane Crawford which always had jeans and T-shirts and is now all grown up and has been turned into paradise. Full of Acne, Rag and Bone, Wang, and Carven, and so much more. I hadn't been there for ages (read: no-shopping pact) but now I will have to go again. Even if it is only to try on for size and then order online. Someone told me about a store where you have to pay a deposit to try on boots... Oh yes, now I remember, it was ski boots. Online competition must be a pretty scary problem for the shops. But Lane Crawford and Hong Kong in general can't compete with prices online. The answer has got to be exclusives exclusives exclusives. I remember Neiman Marcus always demanding (and receiving) exclusive colors from kate spade.

There is so much beautiful orangey red around - has got to be the color of the season. To make it work with a pale face I love bright red lips. Am going to track down the color below - back to LC it is.

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