Sunday, February 5, 2012

Another obsession (possibly unhealthy)

I don't know if it's the round toes or just a mid-life crisis sort of thing... I do love the round toes on Isabel Marant's dicker boots. It throws the eye off, because basically the dicker is a tried and true short western boot which you'd expect to be pointy. And it makes them super comfortable too. And well the mid-life thing is too why I love them. I keep thinking how many years do I have left wearing mini-skirts or shorts in town rather than at the pool. Dickers make me feel a bit French and defiant. And I guess they pass my night stand test. I used to put new shoes on my night stand as a kid and admired them at bedtime. I always had an obsessive eye when it came to the angle of a heel or the side profile of a shoe. Dickers have been around long enough that people in places like Dayton or Akron are searching for them in dicker forums, so last season it looked like Isabel Marant would do the French thing and never sell these vulgar crowd pleasers again. But maybe good old capitalism won out, because the company has re-issued these best-sellers on and The Isabel Marant store on Paterson Street in Causeway Bay is also selling them again in camel and light green. Deep down I hope they never go away... and when my legs are too old to carry them off I'll just put them on my night stand.

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