Monday, February 22, 2016

HOW TO LOOK FABULOUS ALL THE TIME (even if you can't afford to shop this spring)

Today, on Tuesday 23 February, 2016, these are the news stories that have caught my attention:

Kate who? Meet fashion's new power players (The Daily Mail)

Kate is my contemporary. If she is now officially out, what does that mean for us 40-somethings who have been clinging to the belief that 40 is the new 28, and that wearing skimpy ripped shorts with ankle boots is an appropriate way to dress as long as our legs are still good.

Vienna police fine man €70 for 'loud belch' (The Guardian)

I only wish we had such fines here in Hong Kong. When I was growing up in Holland, in ancient times, decency was all around me all the time. Decency was expressed by keeping the front of your house tidy, by holding the door for others behind you, by letting elderly people go ahead of you in the queue, by being polite, by greeting strangers in the street, by dropping trash in the bin, by letting people merge, by covering your mouth when you coughed, and by saying gezondheid when someone sneezed, just to name a few. I don't think I had ever heard any adult belch loudly in company before I moved to Hong Kong. In this great city I have also been in more than a few snug red Toyota Comforts with a taxi driver who freely and loudly passed wind all the way down the Peak Road. And I have become a pro at spotting and avoiding a loogie in the making - always first heard by a thorough and unapologetic hacking of the throat. By the way, it is rather sad writing on the wall that I am discussing the olden days with such nostalgia. Kate Moss, where are you? I need you in that front row.

Sterling slides as Boris backs Brexit (The Telegraph)

We live in Hong Kong, our income is in Pounds Sterling, and we pay the worldwide imposed tax that comes with being US citizens. So Boris Johnson, the mayor of London and my favorite British politician, seriously put a dent in my shoe budget when he announced yesterday that he supports team Brexit (the proponents of Britain leaving the EU). Sterling has reacted with a dramatic downfall and my potential spring shopping is rapidly becoming far too expensive. Hopes of a very last minute surprise dash to Paris fashion week with my most favorite fashion besties are entirely dashed. Which is finally bringing me to the point of this post: How to look fabulous all the time, especially if you can't afford to shop this spring. 

Do your research

My source of choice here is the Paris Vogue Collections book for Printemps/Été 2016. 

Decide what trend/fashion direction you love

Dior's feminine preppiness

Givenchy's lace

Proenza Schouler's edgy ruffles

Identify the most important markers of that trend

The Dior outfit above may be my favorite look of the season. I love every single element about it. The preppy neck scarf, the cropped jumper with the visible layer underneath, the pristinely white and feminine shorts, the drop dead gorgeous pointy shoes with block heels. When you have deconstructed the trend, go into your closet and see if you can find the elements to create a similar look.

Then have a look at all your sunglasses

There may be some from a few seasons ago that are just right for your newly created spring look.

For Spring 2016 think Elton John

But if you don't find any that look current enough, you don't have to eat beans on toast to join in this trend - the high street chains often have great options for very little cash. There are few things as effective as sunglasses to convey the attitude of the moment.

Stay tuned - tomorrow I am going to try and recreate some of Spring 2016 looks with my own old clothes.

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