Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Vacation Dressing Is Stupid

It doesn't matter what the weather is like... it could be amazing like here

or absolute rubbish like here.... (no filters whatsoever, it is often this grey and foggy on the Peak)

... but when I get to this spot on the circular road around the Peak in Hong Kong (Lugard Road is about 3 kilometers long), I always do my best thinking. In fact, if I do a walk around the Peak in the morning, I always have inspiration for a post. This morning, I decided that I hate vacation dressing and that I should urgently share that with you :)

Maybe that's because I am not exactly into bohemian clothes, and special vacation clothes always seem to have red or turquoise embroidery and tassles, or pom poms dangling from the hem. And then of course there is the obligatory maxi dress in flimsy rayon with elasticized waist, cut to maximize cleavage.

When I resigned from Burberry in London to have babies, my boss asked me what I intended to do in the future. Without having ever properly thought about it I blurted out that I wanted to make a small collection of clothes to bring on holidays, because I thought the things out there in the shops were quite unattractive. I remembered that on my walk around Lugard this morning... funny how some memories suddenly pop up out of nowhere.

I ended up doing such a collection to a certain extent since my friend Jane and I started JDCamicetta, a small collection of casual silk tops and dresses to wear in the hot, humid weather of Hong Kong.

I am really the most rubbish blogger in the world when it comes to outfit selfies, but this is one of the JDCamicetta dresses I love taking on holiday. This was Bali in July 2012, and this dress will be coming with me to the Philippines next week as well.  JDCamicetta is available at Sarah Templeman Boutique in Cottesloe, Perth, at Number 8, 7 Station Street.

I will share what I am packing tomorrow, and I am hoping for some audience participation - please tell me whether you think I am more suitable dressed for a job interview than a martini by the pool, because my suitcase will be entirely kaftan free.

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