Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Is It Possible To Look Good In Cold And Rain?

And the answer is: no, instead stay inside the house, wear a cosy jumper over ankle pants and put your bare feet into some very cute shoes. At least, that's how my favorite catalogue company (along with every online site under the sun) dresses its models for winter.

I am no stranger to dressing without tights or socks even in the harshest New York City winter days. When I worked at Kate Spade we had a rather specific dress code, and socks or tights were not part of that. I would wear boots from West 77th Street on the N/R train down to 28th, and in a dark corner of the lobby I would change my boots for some cute flats and go to work. And why not, I never wear socks at home either, so I quite liked it. That office was full of super cute girls in very cute outfits, and winter was never going to put a damper on the bright young spirit of early Kate Spade.

But I digress. The reason I am thinking about this is because I will be spending a week in London soon, and I don't want to sit around the house, I want to walk around town and be outside even when it rains. And I guess in my ideal vision my outfit will be super cosy and protect me from the elements, and at the same time it will demand instant respect from the staff at Browns and Dover Street Market (Ha!) Can it be done? What do you think? I certainly don't have the wardrobe for it, after living in Hong Kong for the last seven years.

This is what I would love to wear, but then it has to be dry in London in December... which is not so likely.

J.Crew Collection herringbone coat with jeweled collar
J.Crew navy cashmere turtle neck jumper
Zara jeans
E'clat boots bought from Harvey Nichols in Hong Kong*

* in my personal opinion a terribly overpriced store, their shoe department is particularly guilty of selling middle-of-the-road reasonable quality shoes for very posh high end prices - so at 50 per cent off these were still the same price you would buy them for in Europe - I guess that makes me the sucker, but I do really like them and wore them a lot last winter.

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