Sunday, December 6, 2015

A Super Woman Christmas

Martine is a very successful lawyer with four daughters, and also the best dressed woman I have ever met. When I don't know what to wear, I almost always imagine what Martine would pick. Tonight she wore a dress by the Row with a beautiful low back.

Gigi and I had another Shoe-Off and once again Gigi won

The hostess apologized for not wearing new shoes - but who needs new shoes when you have THOSE crystal encrusted Louboutins. No finer shoes will ever be made.

It's been quiet around town all week - view from Kennedy Road

Best dressed guest - this beautiful girl is amazing!  She wore that stunning white skirt and then added another pattern with the black lace top. What an eye for style. Most people would have chosen a plain top, but it is the combination of the two patterns that makes her outfit so spectacular. She was also drop dead gorgeous by the way, and an independent fundraiser for the movie industry.

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