Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Amanda Brooks' Blog Is Back!

I think it's been back for a few months but for some ridiculously strange reason I didn't know until yesterday. It is ridiculously strange when you take into account how obsessively I love Amanda Brooks' books and instagram. I even have stalker thoughts, like how we would be besties the minute we met - yes for real !!%*(@##??!

Here in Hong Kong I have two friends a few houses down who went to uni with Amanda and I constantly ask them questions about her (which I must stop doing). But don't take my word for it - check her out for yourself HERE.

an outfit inspired by Amanda's style

Club Monaco cashmere cardigan
COS wrap skirt (this season)
H&M shirt (this season)
J.Crew shoes
Bag from Shenzhen

What I love about Amanda's country style is that nothing is ever perfectly ironed. She is serene and regal and perfectly ladylike from the inside out, but then in her outside appearance there is often something imperfect that dominates - maybe it's bare feet, a make-up free face, or a pair of dusty shoes. I am so happy her blog is back. I love people who inspire - I imagine that moment when you feel inspiration rouse, thru a little internal leap of joy, a plan that brews up from your belly, a jolt of energy that opens your eyes - I imagine that moment is really healthy, don't you think?

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