Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Almost Five Years Of I Love Fashion

I am five years older, but despite the new wrinkles those years have etched into my face, I thought I looked surprisingly much like my 12-year old self the other day. Maybe it's the hair cut or the goody-two-shoes look in my eyes, or maybe even the freckles on my nose. I suppose after the filters erased all the distractions of age, all that was left is my expression, and maybe that part of our self never changes.

Holland is warm for the time of year, but the skies are beautiful as always.

I bought this J.Crew coat the day before I left Hong Kong, but it is far too warm to wear it. It's surely going to be a favorite though, the fit and fabric are so lovely. Currently on sale in Hong Kong at the IFC mall.

My hands look a hundred years old in this country where even in a mild winter central heating is always present. Makes me realize how lovely tropical humidity works for skin. Two current favorite rings, Claire's Accessories on the left and J.Crew on the right.

The Dutch magazines are full of Imaan Hamman, a Dutch/Maroccan/Egyptian model. She is mesmerizing and her success in the fashion world has made me think of what multiculturalism means today (when the scariest man in America, Donald Trump, may possibly be the next president of the United States).

Sometimes in the past five years I have doubted this medium: a blog on the internet feels positively ancient nowadays. But then today I checked my Instagram (@hendricahubertina) and I had several sponsored messages on my feed, and I thought, maybe the my little old blog is not that bad after all. At least for the past five years you (lovely) readers have never had to deal with advertisements on my site.

Even though this year has been my least diligent year in terms of total amount of posts I still love doing this and I hope to continue I LOVE FASHION for many years to come... because I will always love fashion - that's one tiny little thing in this vast confusing world I actually know for sure.

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  1. Nice rings and like the last photo :)
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