Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Man Repeller's mother is 51

Middle aged female designers are doing beautiful work, but where are the bloggers?
Stella McCartney at the Landmark in Hong Kong

In a post about texting vs. phoning The Man Repeller referred to some elderly relatives yesterday, and then to her mother who is apparently 51 years old (read it HERE).

Whaaaaat?????? I knew Leandra Medine was young, but because she is very intelligent and doesn't flaunt her belly often like the very young bloggers seem to do, I like to think of her as 34.

But actually, there aren't many prominent fashion bloggers of 34. Garance Doré is turning 40 this year, and Natalie Joos is roughly the same age - but I'd have to think for a bit to name others. And frankly if you are not a fashion obsessive you are probably wondering right at this moment who is Natalie Joos? (Natalie is a former model and casting agent from Belgium who has a lovely blog, Tales of Endearment).

There are plenty of 34-year olds who write cupcake blogs or interior decorator blogs, but why not fashion? Maybe we all aspire to look younger? Is taking fashion advice or inspiration from a middle aged woman admitting defeat?

Do you know women over 34 whose style inspires you?

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