Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Thin line between love or hate continued... Céline white block heel lace ups

Phoebe Philo gives us white block heel lace ups at Céline

I cannot begin to imagine a woman who would look good in these. I cannot begin to imagine the outfit anyone would pair with these, although believe me I have tried - I love nothing more than a fashion challenge. But I think even tomboy lace up aficionado Diane Keaton could not pull these off. Every fashion girl loves a new silhouette and a new edge, but not many girls I know are willing to forgo pretty entirely. The first thing I thought of when I saw these was Seinfeld... Remember when Kramer wore Joseph's Technicolor Dream Coat and was arrested for pimping? Go down memory lane HERE. What is going to happen to Céline's accessories without Johnny Coca (who is now at Mulberry)? And how important are accessories to the success of the company? Do you like these shoes? Please correct me if you think I am wrong!

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