Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A new moon, a new year - I wish I had a new Moleskine diary

Chinese New Year Dragon at the AIA Carnival on the harbor

I was due to go see friends in Melbourne, but circumstances kept us in Hong Kong for Chinese New Year. This was my favorite day - a family walk up to High West, and glimpse of sun through the fog. Looking down on Pokfulam and Cyberport, with Lamma Island in the background.

If you don't have a diary yet... then your disorganized self and I should be friends. I didn't have a 2015 diary until a week ago. I stupidly got mine at Smythson and then wandered into this store at the IFC mall - Moleskine is next to J.Crew and has a beautiful selection of notebooks and diaries, pens and other writing gadgets. The store is beyond stylish and made me think of old fashioned American typewriters and classic American typeface. Moleskine, however, is not at all related to anything American, instead it is a relatively young Italian company which produces its notebooks in China. Still, I absolutely love this very charming shop.

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