Wednesday, January 14, 2015

R13 Punk Rock loves J.Crew Charms

When I made the pledge to use only my own photos on this blog, I did not realize how hard that would be. Luckily, Hong Kong itself is quite a stunner.

early evening in D'Aguilar Street

I should spend more time taking pictures and less time eating. Or maybe I should combine the eating with the pictures? This Victoria Sponge was made by my friend Natasha - in her personal Hong Kong version she has substituted regular cream (Hong Kong's cream is not good) for butter cream icing. You have not lived until you've tried it.

I am having a balance crisis in my wardrobe. First I had too many pants, so I had to get more tops. Then I had too many girly nice tops, so I needed more casual tops. And then when I put on a casual top I want to turn it into a girly top, because that's when I remember I am just not a casual person (and maybe I need more skirts instead).

I kind of love it like this - Italian faux punk meets Run-DMC. 
T-shirt by R13 - find it HERE
Necklace by J.Crew - find it HERE

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