Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Guardian's Hadley Freeman hates flares!

This is a page in one of my old scrap books - I yearned after these black wide legged Marc Jacobs trousers for many years after he designed them (and the little blouse and pointy mouse flats too)

After a bit of Daily Mail guilty pleasure every morning, I check out the Guardian to read Hadley Freeman's column. I always love it. Her funny and frank views often make me see things from a new perspective.

But now Hadley has condemned flared trousers as  d i s g u s t i n g . Yes, she emphatically used the word disgusting, and ridiculous, and horrible too.

But she couldn't possibly have meant wide leg trousers as well, right?

I am sure she was just talking about the 70s styles that are tight around the upper leg but then flare out dramatically below the knee... right?

She couldn't possibly have meant my fave Rebecca Taylor trousers, the ones that make me look like a super model? Not possible, right?

I did a post very recently on the return of wide leg trousers (read it HERE) but now I am feeling rather down about the whole thing. There were numerous comments on Hadley's article agreeing with her about the disgustingness of flares - so many that I am worried my trousers will never make me feel like a super model again. It's so much better not to know what people really think.

The rest of Hadley's article was brilliantly snappy as always - I love how she calls out fashion magazines for their lack of critical thinking. Read it all HERE, and then tell me what you think? Cos you fabulous girls definitely like flared trousers... right???

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