Sunday, January 4, 2015

Kora Organics by Miranda Kerr for post-holiday face fixing

dark chocolate soft ice cream at Oddies in Wanchai

I don't like dairy but during the holidays I always find myself trying it again, just to see if there is something else full of animal fat and sugar I can add to my diet. In Holland I had too much whipped cream, and even on Saturday night after an adventurous trip to Wanchai to have hotpot, I was tempted to try some ice cream. When I eat fatty dairy products, I instantly break out and wake up with a T-zone full of spots.

Miranda Kerr to the rescue - yes, Miranda Kerr, that tiny childlike thing with the soft-spoken Australian accent and a rumored past liaison with idiot of all idiots Justin Bieber. I didn't have a whole lot of confidence Kora Organics would be good, but when these two products appeared on I gave them a try anyway as I have looked in vain for clay masks in Hong Kong.

Miranda's judgment when it comes to men may really suck, but these products are fabulous! I use them for a day or two when the spots appear, and woosssshhhhhh, spots are gone... Purifying Day and Night Cream for Normal to Oily skin and Clay Purifying Mask for Normal to Oily skin, both some of the loveliest products I have ever used. Find these and more HERE.

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