Sunday, January 25, 2015

Tabitha Simmons on Sale

There are some really lovely Tabitha Simmons shoes left in the sale at mytheresa. Have a look HERE.

They have unwittingly become retail therapy in the most literal sense because my father-in-law died on Friday. I knew him for 26 years. He was the most decent man I have ever known. He selflessly took care of his sick wife for more than 15 years. He rejected politics as usual as the mayor of his village, where he built a brand new water system for the residents and a beautiful park for children to play. He welcomed me into his family as a daughter from the very first day we met.

For two days I have walked around in an oppressive cloud of existentialist angst. I even had a horrifying dream of being trapped in a small space with a fast moving unpredictable snake. Why are we even here and what is the point of anything we do. And then a considerate neighbor sent us two beautiful photos of my daughter at her first ever violin performance - and it was if someone snapped his fingers and let me out.

I looove these sparkly shoes. To hell with basic black - this life is for living.

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