Monday, May 19, 2014

Two Tried-Too-Hards and one Vision of Loveliness

From Vogue - Click on the picture to enlarge

This is a picture taken before the Dior resort 2015 show at the Brooklyn Navy Yard last week. It was a big deal, Dior coming all the way from Paris to a place that's not Manhattan. Undoubtedly you have seen the picture of Rihanna in a pink satin dress doing bad-girl-gone-good for a few minutes.

I like this picture as an example of how to dress perfectly for an occasion (or not so perfectly). First there is the woman in neon pink shoes and the silver jacquard bubble dress. The whole thing screeeeeeeaaaaaaaams overdressed. Then there is the girl in the middle who has planned everything in so much detail that you feel she might cry if her artfully draped jacket slips off her shoulder. She is wearing a long skirt (trend ticked), a fluffy fringy bag (trend ticked), a non-leather motorcycle jacket slung not-so-casually over shoulder (trend ticked), a shirt with inverted pleat (trend ticked), and low heeled white sandals (trend ticked). Tried way too hard.

And then there is lovely Caroline Issa. In the front she is wearing a beautifully cut black pantsuit while in the back she shows us just a hint of Dior. There is just enough drama for this big glam event, and just enough cool for Caroline to be herself. A vision of loveliness.

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