Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Are you ready for the return of brown?

Skirt by Stella Jean at Lane Crawford - gush gush gushing about Stella Jean - this is the most exciting new clothes brand (at least new to me) I have seen in a while

this is technically camel, but really, no post is perfect until it has a picture of Giovanna in it

before the new season, when a new trend is on its way, I always go search my wardrobe to see if I have anything in that color/style from before... well this is the only thing I could find and dates back to about 2006.  Btw I wonder if Mulberry changed its leather - because this old one is buttery soft - and lately I have been disappointed at the bags in store here in Hong Kong

lace up suede Miu Miu boots in Vogue

70s style shearling in Harper's Bazaar

Givenchy Fall 2014

The separate elements of this outfit are all a bit... ugly?  But together she has made magic.

Valentino sandals
Antonio Berardi jumper
Michael Kors skirt
Tom Ford bag
John Lewis earrings
C.Wonder bracelet

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