Thursday, May 1, 2014

Dinh Van jewelry and a day in Antwerp

That bracelet on the left... it's a big gasp for me. Ever so often I do hope my husband reads this as we have an anniversary coming up soon. Of course I did tell him a few weeks ago I was buying my antique bedroom linen press as an anniversary present for both of us.

Antwerp is such a beautiful old city - I always love this view towards the cathedral although I detest that McDonald's flag.

I think she is just modeling, not designing. I don't know Carroll at all. See a video of Sienna modeling the clothes HERE.

Looking out at the old Wapper square from the modern structure of Horta Café

I don't know the name of this square which is on the way out of the center of Antwerp - but always love the tram wires surrounding the statue like a spider web.

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