Thursday, November 29, 2012

Comfortable in her skin

Jennifer Lopez last night in the Asia Expo Arena in Hong Kong

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photo from

Jennifer Lopez is a very pretty girl. She's prettier now than when she started out as a Fly Girl on In Living Color, but we'd all be prettier with the benefit of top make-up artists and hair stylists at our beck and call. Yesterday evening I saw her perform live in Hong Kong - a lot of dancing and not quite as much singing. She whipped the crowd into a frenzy in minutes - a real achievement for a Chinese audience, who tend to be quiet and seated during shows. Her voice was pretty decent but her dancing and jumping and infectious energy were, well... inspirational. 

Don't laugh now.

I swam harder today because of that body. Did a whole series of lunges because of that body. Turned on her songs and danced around the room because of that body. Her butt is big, just like everyone always says, but it moves in a way I couldn't begin to learn ever, and its size accentuates her tiny teensy waist. She is so comfortable in her own skin that more than anything it makes you want to feel like that,  it's not even about looking like that. I now totally get why she is so popular. She is as fabulous as can be. Malaysia and Australia are next.

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