Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Aussie Aussie Aussie

I have not bought Vogue Living in years. Many years even. It's too Australian for me - I don't mean that in a bad way forgoodnesssakes I love the people from Oz. I think I have even coined the phrase "goddammit you're an aussie, act like it". It's just not as useful if you don't live there. But this cover, well, it is too beautiful and I had to get it. 

I often think that a person's style is better reflected in the way they decorate their house than in the way they dress. Dressing can be more haphazard - you can throw something on because it happened to be clean, or because it's the only thing that fits today, but the look of a house often grows over years, and each purchase was considered and reflected on. Well, I'd like to think this duck egg living room is the perfect match for my style. Please don't correct me if you think I am wrong....  I'd prefer to blissfully ignorant.

Btw, this is the pretty jumper I wanted to show you the other day when Google demanded its photo storage ransom. It's JCrew Collection and has just the perfect modest amount of Christmas bling.

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