Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The white ski suit, part 2

So here is a front view - its not just white, it seems to be a combination of off-white and filthy dirty white.

This happens to me all the time:  I have decided something I am wearing is just the greatest outfit ever, only to see a picture of it 2 months later and wonder what the hell was I thinking????

Although its far too long ago, I suspect I would have considered the yellow turtleneck a really super cool touch, especially with the walkman headphones (or maybe it was a discman???) placed casually on top.  But I did at some point wise up and threw this suit out.  Slight improvement in front of the Matterhorn below.

PS: I was about 15 here probably.  Must remember to take this pic to my dermatologist and demand to know why my cheeks are not rosy like that anymore.

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