Monday, January 24, 2011


I seriously think the dickey should be reintroduced into our lives.  I actually don't know if it is spelled that way.  I first heard of a dickey when I lived in New York and one of my dear friends was given a set of 3 dickeys by an elderly relative. She didn't like the dickeys, but it made for good show-and-tell among my Manhattan fashion friends. A dickey is a collar that can be worn under a jumper, but it's just the collar by itself, with a bit of extra material to tuck into the neck of your jumper.

Apparently these things were all the rage in our grandparents era - I am guessing now based on my memory of the elderly aunt's age.

Look at Alexa Chung being all super cute in these pics.  Those little white collars she always wears are undoubtedly some amazing Chanel shirts and since she is so thin, it is not actually adding bulk to her outfit.  But for your everyday person a fitted jumper doesn't look so good with a shirt underneath.  I write this post from Hong Kong, and frankly there is only about one month a year when you can wear 2 layers here!  Bring back the dickey!  I bet my many factory owner readers are already excitedly calling their pattern makers.


A bit more research and you might find that googling "dickey" often brings up "modest clothes" websites and even a few directing me to "Amish style hair pins".  I did not know the Amish have special hair pins.  In any event, modest these garments are indeed, unless you were thinking of wearing them alone.

I was thinking I'd make one out of the pink brocade I am using to sew a dress. Slightly more Miu Miu and less Amish. Will post a pic when done!

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