Friday, July 29, 2016

Irresponsible Infatuation: Dior Embellished Boots

The windows of Dior, Pacific Place.

There is so much embellishment in stores right now! I blame thank Alessandro Michele at Gucci for that, although it must be said that Jenna Lyons at J.Crew has been a steady supplier of embellishment for years now. Michele's designs are not conventionally pretty, however - geek chic comes to mind, and the styling of his shows hint at affection for a kind of Royal Tenenbaums eccentricity. I haven't seen anything this exciting since Tom Ford's Fall 1995 show for Gucci.

On a side note I am devastated that the navy gingham rhinestone encrusted shirt I love at J.Crew has never gone on sale, because I sincerely hoped to celebrate my next birthday in that all that preppy shine. But at $5,000 Hong Kong Dollars, that is unlikely to happen until I turn 75.

Anyway! These distressed patent leather boots with silver and red grommets, suede buckles, crystals, and decorative back zips are not for wallflowers, actually they are slightly ridiculous, but of course I have developed an instant infatuation with them. Whenever I doubt my own fashion sanity, I wonder if Alexa Chung would wear them, and I think she would, with an A-line mini and a T-shirt perhaps. Only the very cool possess the nonchalance needed to get away with so much deliberate design detail.

And that's probably not me. Good night from Hong Kong. 

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