Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A last holiday post before life in Hong Kong resumes as normal: San Fran via Carmel and Palo Alto

The beach at Carmel.

Stanford University - I desperately want my children to go here!  I think California has given me sun stroke.

A hilly neighborhood with the Transamerica Pyramid Center in the background.

San Francisco is both very grand and very picturesque.  I visited 20 years ago and didn't love it.  But this time we walked miles and miles, and there is no better way to see a city properly.

Some very pretty houses on Chestnut Street, on our way to yet another Brandy Melville shop in the Cow Hollow neighborhood of San Fran.  My daughter is properly addicted and spent every cent of the Benjamin we gave her for spending money at the Brandy Melvilles in Newport, Santa Monica, The Grove, and Cow Hollow.  Strangely enough the shop there had T-shirts saying "The Peak, Hong Kong", from where I write to you this morning.

San Fran from the piers.

I was surprised about how tropical San Fran looks.

The famous "Painted Ladies".

The Bay Bridge leading to Oakland.

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