Thursday, March 17, 2016

Unzipped is showing on Cathay Pacific

Just 12 hours from Hong Kong: the fresh air and pine trees in my beautiful native country of Holland

I didn't cry in the plane!*

Or so I thought about nine and half hours into my flight from Hong Kong to Amsterdam. But then I discovered Unzipped** is showing on Cathay, watched it for the 137th time and before long I was a bawling baby one moment and an insane elated super freak the next - dancing in my chair, arms and torso snake-like, a devastating embarrassment to my daughter across the aisle, to Sandra Bernhard's version of Sylvester's song "Mighty Real"***.

Unzipped inspires me senselessly - I must tell my husband when I am 96 and pretty much dead he must find an old dvd player somewhere and play the Unzipped dvd I bought in 1997 and I know for sure I will walk again.

Because you see, just five minutes after watching that sweet gem of a film, I want to write, I want to draw, I want to make clothes and I apparently see my life expectancy at  96+. Unzipped should be the character test in every person I meet from now on. Did you like it? I shall ask with a piercing stare. Because if you don't, yarn't**** ever gonna be a friend of mine

I cried on the plane! Of course I did. I do so every single time. 

* I always cry on long distance flights. I even cry at the HSBC commercial where the handsome private banker offers his worldwide excellence to the even more handsome billionaire hedgefunder. Is it the air pressure that's turning us into blubbering slobs without the wherewithal to know that good-looking hedge fund owners do not need tears shed for them?

** Douglas Keeve's documentary masterpiece about the making of Isaac Mizrahi's fall 1994 show.

*** I don't know if there was ever a proper soundtrack for the film, but you can listen to Sandra's version of "Mighty Real" HERE. "Happy Sad" by the Pizzicato Five plays during the credits and is also a firm snake dancing favorite.

**** Isaac imitates Bette Davis' drawl from "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane" with Joan Crawford.

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