Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Gigi Hadid for Chanel

Along with a billion other people I have a full-on model crush on Gigi Hadid. These pictures were sent to me from the front row - courtesy of Petrina and Fleur, two gorgeous longtime friends, who get just as excited about all things fashion as I do. Gigi is nothing like any model I have ever seen. First of all, she's got a beautifully soft chubby face, the face of a girl who loves to indulge in French fries with mayonnaise ever so often. Well, I made that up, but it's not farfetched because the second best thing about Gigi is that she is half Dutch. Her Dutch mother Yolanda is the only character on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills who is not a backstabbing gossip monger. Yolanda suffers from Lyme disease and when the lovely Gigi recently won Celebrity MasterChef, she tearfully explained that she would donate the prize money to the Global Lyme Alliance, to combat the disease her mother and sibling are battling. I have always thought models are better off keeping quiet to maintain their mystique, but Gigi is the full package, beautiful, intelligent and totally charming. And I shouldn't forget to mention that I love her style too. She doesn't need Chanel to dress her... although she looks beyond lovely in it.
PS: how cool are those shoes?

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