Friday, September 25, 2015

Volume All The Way At Lane Crawford

Hong Kong has been full of energy this week. Maybe it's excitement for the Mid-Autumn Festival this weekend, or maybe just because of the glorious blue skies we've had above. In any event, the Mid-Autumn Festival signifies the beginning of proper Fall dressing in Hong Kong, and visual merchandizers all around town are putting on the ritz. 

At Lane Crawford there is lots of volume on display, and these big skirts and jumper-like woven tops look so exciting suddenly even though I was alive in the 80s during the heyday of the Japanese designers in Paris. After all, the 80s are 30 years ago and I think I am quite ready for a little revisit. By a revisit I mean to marvel at it all - actually wearing all-over volume is something altogether less likely.

See what I mean? The town feels positively electric this week.

And then there's the blue sky - exiting the Cross Harbour Tunnel into Causeway Bay.

I am trying some volume for myself with these navy culottes from COS, but not stepping too far away from my comfort zone by adding a favorite silk stripy top and the highest of Aquazzura heels. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival everyone!

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