Saturday, December 27, 2014

On our last day in Holland we are surprised by a snowstorm...

view from my parents' house at 10 AM - no filter, it really seemed as if the world had turned black and white

nothing much to do in such weather, so we have decided to try some of the older juice in dad's wine collection - 1966, year of the horse

and some more - I love the old labels - the raised gold letters of the Spanish Vega-Sicilia is particularly lovely

Vega-Sicilia from Spain

Trying out this new spring polish from the HEMA as well, as it will be perfect spring weather in Hong Kong when we arrive home on Monday morning - I am doing a blue nail with a pink French edge.  HEMA has been sold to a foreign company - at the risk of sounding like a xenophobe, I am not sure about a HEMA without the nerdy oddness of the Dutch.

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