Friday, December 26, 2014

Silk Button Downs with Jeans for Christmas - J.Crew, Vanessa Bruno, and DVF

I never wear sweaters much indoors while in Europe. The houses are all so well heated that woolly knits indoors are stifling. Jessica Joffe, stylist at DVF, and star of the House of DVF reality show, wore a simple silk button down with jeans and flats on TV while I was packing my suitcase, which inspired me to throw in a few silk shirts at the last moment. This pink shirt is J.Crew.

I have worn little else while I have been here actually. With sparkly flats and dark jeans, it's been comfortable and dressy at the same time. I think people always look best when they are comfortable in what they are wearing, but that doesn't mean the clothes can't be a bit dressy at the same time. Silk is super comfortable to wear and easy to wash in cold water and Woolite if you take it on a trip. This washed silk shirt is Vanessa Bruno Athé and it's probably my favorite, although ironing washed silk is a real b****. 

This is the same style of shirt (although in a different print) Jessica wore in the DVF episode I watched and it is the most comfortable thing ever. DVF crepe silk feels like her jersey, it seems like it has a tiny bit of stretch in it, although that is not the case, it's simply an effect of the crepe weave of the fabric. There are plenty of these shirts on sale at DVF at the moment.

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