Saturday, September 6, 2014

Where is everyone in Hong Kong?

Duddell's - on Saturday night at 8.45 PM the terrace was entirely absolutely dead empty. There was not a single person in the sizable lounge/bar area either. Not anyone. Except for three bored waiters. And on the way out, it appeared only two tables in the also sizable third floor restaurant were occupied.

Yet my handsome Italian friend Fabio in his Burberry sandals (who lives in London but is on a three-month secondment teaching fashion marketing in Shanghai)  was told he couldn't enter unless he removed his designer shoes for some sad black canvas bedroom slippers from the coat room.

After Fabio managed to get his sandals back from the Duddell's coat room we went on to dinner at Mott 32, where soon after we arrived the place was as empty as Catholic church on a Tuesday afternoon.

Beautiful, but very empty.

It can't have been our shoes... Christoph is red Adidas and Stephanie in super cool Tara Jarmon sandals. Seriously, where is everyone in Hong Kong? Maybe they too, like me, are sick of all the restaurant hype and have gone to share some food and a bottle of beer at their local - which we probably should have done as well. No one there would have objected to Fabio's bordeaux suede sandals, that's for sure.

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